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Boiler & Radiant Heat Installation and Maintenance

Boilers and radiant heat systems are hydraulic, meaning they use water to transport heat throughout your home. Our job is to understand the subtleties of those hydraulic mechanics in order to install, maintain, or fix your system at an optimal level.

When it comes to boiler installation Meade HVAC can advise you in choosing the best gas, propane or oil fueled boiler for your home and budget. We also offer modern boiler models with energy saving features to help you save money on your energy bill. Just like any other machine, a boiler requires routine maintenance to ensure efficiency, safety, and dependability. It is recommended that you have your boiler inspected annually. A quality, well-maintained boiler can last 50-75 years.

Common Boiler Issues

If you notice any of these issues, your boiler may need maintenance. Contact Meade HVAC to have the issue fixed so that your boiler can serve you well for years to come.

  • Boiling, whistling, gurgling or kettling sounds
  • Boiler keeps turning off
  • Radiator doesn’t heat
  • Thermostat inaccuracy (Water too hot or cold)
  • Loss of pressure
  • No heat or hot water
  • Pilot light goes out
  • Pipe leaks

If you are looking to save on energy bills, radiant heat is also an efficient way to heat your home. It uses less electricity than forced air and gets more of the heat directly to you and your family.

Common Radiant Heat Issues

Meade HVAC technicians can solve a variety of issues involving your radiant heating systems including these common problems:

  • Strange humming, rattling, hissing or grinding sounds
  • Thermostat inaccuracy (Rooms too hot or cold)
  • Water leaks
  • Uneven heating
  • Increased heating cost
  • Damage to floorboards
  • Unusual smells

Quality Boiler and Radiant Heat Installation and Maintenance Near Berks County

If you notice any of the issues above, contact Meade HVAC as soon as possible. Leaving the issues unattended could result in worse problems. If you are looking to replace or install a new boiler or radiant heat system, our trained HVAC technicians would be glad to advise you in choosing the type and model that works best for your current situation.

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